Does your dog get bored during the day? Or perhaps they need some time with some friends.

Most dogs are social creatures and enjoy playing, investigating and training. Nothing beats watching a group of dogs happily playing!Β 

Our fully supervised daycare program is designed for your dog to have FUN with their friends, they are matched with other dogs of similar size and play style, teaching them how to interact and play appropriately, have down time to learn an ‘off switch’, as well as celebrations for your dogs milestones – such as birthdays and training goals. We have different options to suit your dog and their age, with training sessions able to be included! As a training centre we work on incidental training – such as lead manners, sit to say hello, waiting at doors and taking treats politely throughout the day.Β 

We offer from hourly to daily minding – perfect if you are on holidays or are visiting Bairnsdale!