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It’s summer and it’s HOT.

Did you know that dogs can suffer from hyperthermia (heat stroke) too? And that if you walk them on hot concrete you can burn their paws – similar to a hot water burn?

It is so important that we look after our dogs during summer and the extreme hot weather. Below are some suggestions that you can do to keep them safe and healthy: CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION 


A dog will be motivated to do a behaviour, if they are rewarded for this behaviour they will be more likely to do it again.

What is your dog motivated by? CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION 


The short answer is NO! Especially when you first start out training!

The idea for this blog came out of a discussion with a client after an information session. Where they said the one thing that stuck out to them the most was that they can never reward their dog enough! What an interesting concept, they said, something they hadn’t thought of when training their dog. Which started me thinking this is a perfect topic to delve into a bit more. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION 


Holidays are fun and festive, sometimes lack of structure and routine can cause a few behaviours to slip up with your pets. So here are a few things to help your holiday season go smoothly! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION 


My first response to this question is always, “What do you do when your dog jumps up?”.

Most people answer saying they growl at the dog or push them down. You need to figure out why your dog is jumping. Most of the time a dog will jump to ‘say hello’ to you – they want interaction from you CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION