What training methods do you use? Here at Playful Paws: Training and Wellness we follow behavioural science and believe in building your dogs trust and respect by rewarding the behaviour you want. The more you reward the behaviour the more they will show it. We reward our dogs for behaviour we like using food, play and attention. If the dog does something we do not like, we examine why the behaviour is occurring and either fix the cause or train a more appropriate behaviour.


Why do you use Positive Reinforcement? All behaviour is influenced by how an animal feels about something, and what they get out of it. No behaviour happens without a motivation. Positive Reinforcement training means that our training sessions are fun and enjoyable, resulting in dogs that want to be trained and learn quicker. They also see their humans as being wonderful providers of all the good things in life, resulting in higher engagement and better focus on the handler.


My puppy hasn’t finished all their vaccinations – can we still attend Puppy Preschool? Yes, absolutely! Our puppy classes are held inside our building, which is mopped and disinfected prior to class. Puppy preschool jump starts your puppy’s training and socialisation. While they might be young, they are definitely learning, so get them into a class ASAP!


My dog isn’t a puppy, is it too late for training? It is never too late for training – haven’t you heard that old dogs can learn new tricks? How long a behaviour has been occurring will influence how easy it is to change your dog’s behaviour, but it certainly is never too late. Contact us and we can discuss your dog problems and most importantly, work out a solution. Β 


What equipment do you use? All you need to train a dog is something they want and good timing. You can bring along a treat pouch (or bumbag) and some tasty treats. If your dog loves playing tug, you can bring a favourite tug toy to class as well. Your dog just needs to be on a flat collar and a regular leash. If they are a strong puller, you can use an Easy Walk harness, or head halter which we can help you fit correctly for your dog. Which humans should come to classes? The whole family is welcome to attend, provided children are old enough to understand not to approach dogs and puppies they do not know. If everyone hears the same information your are all more likely to be consistent! Note: Puppy preschool limit is 4 people. as the room can get squishy otherwise. Children under the age of 6 need an adult to supervise them who is not also handling the dog.


What happens if it’s rainy or hot? Outdoor classes will only be cancelled in the following situations: Thunderstorms and/or hail prevalent or expected Forecast 34Β°C or above on the day of the class Cancelled classes will be advertised by 12pm on the day of the classes on Facebook and via a text message.


When should I start training my pup? As soon as you get them! Puppies (or dogs) learn naughty behaviour as quick as good behaviour. Start with writing down some clear rules for you and your family tomorrow and reward all the right behaviour.


What is the difference between in home and at location consultations? The main difference is the location! If you live out of town, you may find it easier to meet in town to have your session. If you are still unsure, please contact us to discuss.


Is my dog suitable for class? Some dogs find class situations very stressful. They may respond better to a private training session first, that way both of you will gain confidence to then attend class.